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city bus



"Coletivo" is the most common name for a city bus in Buenos Aires. They are ofter referred to as "bondis" too, but that word is going out of fashion. City buses in Buenos Aires began as smaller, private cars which would pick up several passengers. These became know as "shared taxis", or rather "taxis colectivos". As there were also public buses maintained by the municipality, the competition between the colectivos and public buses got fierce, often with the private colectivos parking near city buses and racing ahead of the,. As the system evolved the colectivos got larger and more competitive, finally displacing the public buses and becoming the city buses we know today. To attract attention of the passengers, both for advertising and route recognition, the companies often painted their buses in the vibrant fileteado. However, because this was seen as "vulgar" and "lower-class" by the dictatorship, this was outlawed during the coup years. Today, some city buses are again painted in bold patterns, though with a decidedly more modern style.