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a los pedos to go fast
a medio pelo not good beat up old broken down
acabar to conclude to complete to finish to have an orgasm to cum
acelerado to be excited, anxious, or wound up
adornar to adorn, decorate to bribe or buy off
afanar to steal to rob
al pedo to waste time, money or energy
al pelo very good
amigovio someone who is more than a friend, but not quite a boyfriend
ananá pineapple
andar to go to ride to walk to go to do to work to ride
arbolito informal (or illegal) moneychanger
bajón a bummer a downer a shame
bárbaro awesome excellent great
birra beer
bofe an ugly or unattractive person
boliche bowling alley nightclub discotheque
bolonqui mess, chaos
boludez a stupid thing
boludo idiot dude asshole
bombilla light bulb mate straw
bombón an attractive man or woman
bonaerense Of or relating to the province of Buenos Aires
bondi city bus
botón bud, gemma doorbell, buzzer button policeman
caco thief robber
cagar to become frightened to mess up to shit to shit to shit
cagarse to crap your pants to be in trouble
caido del catre not all there recently awoken
calentar la pava to arouse
cana police
canchero wise, know it all
castellano Castillian Spanish Spanish language
chabón guy, man, or dude
chamullar to exaggerate oneself to brag to smooth talk to bullshit to embellish when talking
chamuyo smooth talk bullshit bragging
che hey hey
cheto snobby wealthy expensive
chorro thief thief, robber
choto penis poor-quality generally bad
chupar to suck to drink alcohol excessively to drink heavily
churro a marijuana cigarette good looking
coger to fornicate (vulgar) to take to get to choose, catch to fornicate to fuck
colectivo city bus collective bus
colgado to be zoned or spaced out to be ditzy
comerse un huesito to sleep with a beautiful woman
cómo andamio How are you?
como Gardel in like Flint
como la gente nice or common
concha shell pussy vagina vagina
copado cool
cortado espresso coffee with little bit of milk
criollo mixed Spanish-Indigenous
croto bum, homeless person
culiado motherfucker butt raped
cursi cheesy corny cutsy
de diez very good
de pedo by chance by luck
dejame de hinchar stop bothering me
despelote a mess a confusion
dibujado to be stoned
él que se fue a Sevilla perdió su silla move you feet, loose your seat
embole boring, annoying, or tedious
en pedo drunk wasted
ensillar to change the yerba in the mate
estar mosca to be sleepy to sleep
fachero good looking fashionable
faso cigarette
fiaca lazy lacking energy
fiambre meat served cold dead body
flashero crazy shocking
forro condom
forro pinchado useless inept
frutilla strawberry
garca traitor, unfairly affluent area
garcar to take a shit
garpar to pay
gaucho cowboy
gil fool silly
gilada a gathering of fools
gotan tango
grasa greasy tacky tasteless rude
groso grandiose great
guacho orphan wild child
guita money cash
hinchar las pelotas bother or pester
histérico a flirt
huevos testicles testicles
ir a los bifes to get to the point
joda joke good-time party
joder to joke or make fun of to mess up to annoy
joya jewel, gem wonderful brilliant
la pucha dang, crap
la puta que te pario The whore that gave birth to you
la verdad de la milanesa the real truth
lola a woman's breast
lomo a sexy body
lunfardo lower-class Argentine slang
macana bullshit something stupid
macanudo cool, hip expression of agreement
malco someone who is grumpy from a lack of sex or bad sex
mandar fruta (o verdura) to be confused
mango peso
maraca a male homosexual
Marlporro Marlboro cigarette
mate traditional herbal beverage
milonga fast tango music tango dancehall fast tango a tango dancehall
mina girl
mojar la chaucha to get laid
morfar to eat
morocho dark-haired brunette dark-haired dark-skinned
motochorro a thief on a motorcycle
ni en pedo no way
ñoqui freeloader or someone who earns money without working
olealizar to sing the "olé" song
onda wave vibe
ortiba someone of with a bad attitude
ortiva informer loudmouth blabbermouth
orto ass buttocks luck
pajero jerk, wanker
palo money erection suit
pan dulce a nice ass
partuza big party shindig
pavada nonsense silly thing to say
pavo turkey silly stupid
pedo fart fart fart drunk problem
pelotudo a jerk or fool someone with big balls
pendejo a young fool jerk pubic hair
pendevieja an older woman who tries to stay hip
pendex adolescent youngster
pepa a pill or hit
pete blow job
petiso squat short short
Philip Porris Philip Morris cigarette
pibe kid child
pileta pool swimming pool
piola intelligent, agreeable
plomo boring
podrido To be tired of something
ponerse las pilas to get hyped to get more energy or motivated
poronga penis, dick
porro a cigarette usually of marijuana
Porteño A resident of the city of Buenos Aires
posta truth
potra a horny woman
pucherito pouty-face
pucho cigarette
putear to use fowl language
puto faggot male prostitute fag
quilombo a big mess chaos a mess or chaos
raviol a small packet of cocaine
re- very, more than
recontra very extremely excessively
salado salty expensive
se te escapa la tortuga to commit an error from stupidity or negligence
sobre about concerning on packet envelope bed
sope peso
tacaño cheap greedy miserly
tano Italian
tipo guy type guy dude man guy dude man
tirar la goma to give a blow job
tirar onda to flirt to help out
tomarlo con soda to take it easy to calm down
tortillera lesbian
touch and go one night stand a casual sexual encounter
travesaño transvestite
troesma musical master
trola promiscuos woman
trucho counterfeit fake
turco Turkish Arab Turkish Jewish
turro loser uncool traitor urban style of dress
villa miseria slum favela informal settlement
wachiturro urban-style of dress and music ghetto fabulous
yanquilada something too North American
yerba no hay a proposition for sex
yeta describes someone who brings bad luck upon others
yuta Police
zarpar to act vulgarly to behave outside of accepted social norms